Board Reviews

Does your organisation’s board provide it with the will, purpose and direction it needs to survive and thrive in challenging times?

What do recent developments in best corporate governance practice and what the most effective directors do differently mean for your board? How could it add more value?

A board and how it operates needs to be relevant and appropriate to a company’s aspirations and stage of development and the challenges and opportunities it faces.

One should not assume that directors are competent or that a board is effective. A room full of well-meaning and successful people does not necessarily translate into an effective board

Competence and effectiveness should be regularly reviewed to ensure they remain current and relevant in relation to contemporary priorities and new possibilities.

An independent, objective and informed review can support the process of building an effective board composed of competent directors that can provide an organisation with the strategic direction it needs to succeed and satisfy stakeholder requirements.

Board reviews are tailored to the particular situation and circumstances of each entity

Prof Colin Coulson-Thomas has advised directors and boards in over 40 countries.

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A guide to building an effective boardroom team is also available; See Developing Directors