Transforming Knowledge Management

A quicker and affordable route to high performance organisations

Author: Colin Coulson-Thomas

Published by Policy Publications in association with Adaptation

Many knowledge management initiatives have been excessively general and overly complex, and they have not delivered hoped for results. A more focused and flexible approach is required that can quickly impact upon performance, achieve multiple objectives and provide clear benefits to both people and organisations.

This 223 page research based A4 report questions traditional approaches to knowledge management and sets out a more affordable route to achieving greater returns on investment and building a high performance organisation.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

1: Knowledge Management and the High Performance Organisation

2: Underpinning Research and Experience

3: Knowledge Management and Performance

4: Reducing Risk and Enabling Compliance

5: 24/7 Learning and Creating New Knowledge

6: Managing and Exploiting Knowledge

7: Knowledge Management and Business Development

8: Supporting Communities of Knowledge Workers

9: Transforming Public Services

10: Purchasing and Informed Decision Making

11: Communicating and Building Relationships

12: Adopting and Implementing Knowledge Support

13: Knowledge Entrepreneurship and New Leadership


The report contains mini-case studies that illustrate a successful response to a generic challenge facing organisations. For each organisation the mini-case study briefly presents the problem addressed, what was done, results achieved and subsequent situation, what made difference and main learning points.

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