Company Profile

Adaptation Limited is a specialist director, board and business development consultancy which develops and implements corporate programmes and processes to enable organisations to become more flexible and adaptable in creating and delivering value to their customers. Hundreds of organisations and thousands of individuals have benefited from approaches and methodologies the company has developed.

Adaptation helps people and organisations to transform their performance in areas such as winning business, building customer relationships, and creating and exploiting know-how. It has particular expertise in supporting boards, reviewing processes and practices for winning business, building new models of organisations and introducing more creative and fulfilling ways of working and learning.

The dictionary defines ‘adaptation’ in terms of change or adjustment to new circumstances, ie. a change in structure, function, process, role, attitude, behaviour, etc., that produces better adjustment to the environment. The company Adaptation has helped directors, boards and management and entrepreneurial teams in locations from South Africa to Siberia and from Canada to China. Services to corporate clients committed to fundamental change include:

  • Strategy Reviews and Strategic Business Development
  • Corporate Transformation
  • Corporate Learning
  • Business Restructuring and Redesign
  • Executive, Director and Board Development
  • Coaching of Senior Executives and Directors
  • Knowledge and Process Management
  • Winning Business Reviews
  • Creating High Performance Organisations
  • Talent Management
  • Transforming Public Services
  • New Leadership

Adaptation clients include multi-national, international, European, North American, Middle Eastern and Japanese corporations, international professional firms and consultancies, entrepreneurial businesses, Government departments and public bodies.

Assignments include over 100 winning business reviews, process vision holder roles, director and board development activities, the re-design of the management processes of a well known financial services company, reviews of re-engineering and change strategies and programmes, and various board and strategy reviews. Presentations, Courses and Seminars, Knowledge, Talent and Capability Development Programs are based upon this work.

Adaptation has developed a complete range of corporate transformation assessment and review techniques, and implementation tools and methodologies, including a suite of process re-engineering tools, for a well known international company. Several thousand consultants in a leading international consultancy firm employ a techniques/tools manual edited by Adaptation.

Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas of Adaptation led and co-ordinated the European Commission’s COBRA project which examined how organisations across Europe use process management, new ways of working and learning, and emerging technologies. Resulting methodologies include “The Responsive Organisation: Re-engineering new patterns of work” and “The Competitive Network”published by Policy Publications.

Findings of surveys undertaken by Adaptation for national, international and Governmental organisations have been disseminated through over 20 research reports, thirteen books and over 300 Seminars, Workshops and other Events. Learning materials, and presentations based upon this work are available for those designing Corporate, Executive and Management Education programmes and Knowledge, Talent and Capability Development Programs.

Adaptation has operated strategic partnerships, and has co-operated with world class institutions covering corporate transformation and process and knowledge management which operate world-wide and across all EU member countries.

For further information contact Colin Coulson-Thomas