Profile / Key Strengths

Colin Coulson-Thomas: Profile

Professor Colin Coulson-Thomas is an international authority on winning business, director, board and business development, corporate learning and transformation, change, knowledge and talent management, new ways of working, learning and organising.

A founder director of start-up companies, he is Chairman of Adaptation Ltd and Policy Publications Ltd. For eight years he was Chairman of: ASK Europe plc (group, operating and associate company boards, including Cambridge Management Centres plc).

Colin Coulson-Thomas: Key Strengths

  • Experienced chairman of award winning/start-up companies and process vision holder and/or change manager of some of the world’s most complex IT led national and international transformation projects.
  • Winning business. Leads the ‘winning business’ research and best practice programme and has reviewed the processes and practices for winning business of over 100 companies from major corporates to SMEs.
  • Entrepreneurial drive and directorial overview. Founder director of publishing / knowledge companies.
  • Performance improvement. Has helped over 100 boards to improve board and/or corporate performance.
  • An international authority on director and board development, and knowledge and process management.
  • Facilitation skills. Facilitated meeting of G10 chairmen which established the vision, mission, key priorities, etc., of the UK TEC Movement and various board/strategy reviews at home and abroad.
  • Has established joint ventures in Brazil, China, Europe, Indonesia, Middle East, and Singapore; and led strategic and international initiatives.
  • Government-business relations. Responsible for Rank Xerox Government and media relations aspects of CECOM anti-dumping project which led to EU anti-circumvention framework.
  • Pragmatic. Undertakes independent strategic and organisational ‘health checks’ and ‘front end’ corporate reviews to identify / prioritise:
    1. Action areas.
    2. Practical ‘next steps’.
  • Public speaking. Has been interviewed on radio and TV, and has spoken at over 300 conferences in over 40 countries. Has been a media spokesman for the Institute of Directors and (British) Institute of Management.