The Competitive Network

Executive Editor: Colin Coulson-Thomas
Author: Peter Bartram

The report �The Competitive Network� published by Policy Publications in association with the University of Luton, provides a methodology for the re-engineering of supply chains through the enabling technologies of electronic commerce / e-business. It includes nine detailed case studies.

Shows how to combine electronic commerce with business re-engineering to build value-creating supply chains and win new markets.

The re-engineering methodology was developed by a pan-European project team led by Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas. It covers six stages;

  • Stage 1 Establishing the approach and goal setting
  • Stage 2 Opportunity seeking
  • Stage 3 Process analysis
  • Stage 4 Process redesign
  • Stage 5 Implementation of change
  • Stage 6 Performance monitoring

At each of the six stages the methodology provides:

  • 1 Description of the stage
  • 2 The work to be done
  • 3 Typical/possible outputs
  • 4 Critical success factors
  • 5 Electronic commerce opportunities and issues
  • 6 Pitfalls, obstacles, barriers and constraints
  • 7 Diagnostics/checklists that relate to supply chains
  • 8 Any other relevant tools and techniques
  • 9 Summary and checklist