Transforming the Company

Transforming the Company: Manage Change, Compete and Win
Author: Colin Coulson-Thomas

Continued survival and growth for most organizations is all about how successful they are at managing change and transformation. The issue therefore is not whether to change but how to change. In practice, corporate transformation often takes far longer to achieve than anticipated, resulting in a wide gulf between aspiration and achievement. However, some companies are much more successful than others at transforming, competing and winning. They exceed expectations and their people are fulfilled.

Based upon extensive research and interviews with leading executives and top directors from over 2000 companies, Transforming the Company identifies the critical success factors that distinguish winners from losers in the struggle to become more flexible, responsive and competitive. Colin Coulson-Thomas shows how to bridge the gap between intentions and outcomes. Topics include:

  • Management theory and corporate reality
  • Transforming the board
  • Providing strategic and distinctive leadership
  • Winning business and building customer relationships
  • Transforming intentions and business development outcomes
  • Introducing more flexible patterns of work and knowledge management
  • Operating in the international marketplace
  • Integrating learning and working
  • Partnering with consultants and business schools
  • Supporting the network organization

When it was first published, this management classic was ahead of its time and predicted many subsequent and contemporary management trends. In the current economic climate and market environment its central messages are more relevant than ever. People are under tremendous pressure to perform, change and deliver, and there are new distractions.

For the second edition, the text has been brought right up to date and shows how to turn theory into practice by highlighting how the obstacles and barriers that confront companies when trying to bring about change can be overcome. Colin Coulson-Thomas draws upon a further decade of experience and distils new research into why some companies (the winners) are so much more successful than others (the losers) at managing change, transforming, competing and winning. For management at all levels faced with this task, this positive and thought-provoking book will uplift, inspire and enlighten. Corporate transformation can be achieved.

Colin Coulson-Thomas, Professor of Competitiveness at the University of Luton, and leader of the world’s largest winning business research programme, is an active consultant and the chairman of award winning companies. Following a career in marketing and general management, he became the world’s first Professor of Corporate Transformation and more recently the Process Vision Holder of major transformation projects. A counsellor on business development and corporate competitiveness, learning, and transformation he has reviewed the winning business processes and practices of over 20 companies and helped over 60 boards to improve board and corporate performance. Colin is also Chairman of the judges for the e-Business Innovations Awards. An experienced speaker at corporate conferences he is the author or co-author of over 30 books and reports.

The ISBN for the new book is 0749436514

The publisher is Kogan Page, London

Colin Couson-Thomas rightly draws attention to the critical role of directors in the achievement of corporate transformation. There is little point creating an excellent strategy which is not implemented.

Peter Morgan, former Director General, Institute of Directors


“A fantastic opportunity to continue to stay ahead for those who won’t consider losing as an option. Colin offers practical advice for success in an intensely competitive business environment.”

Hamid Aghassi, European, Consulting Director, Logica plc.


‘I found the contrasting of the rhetoric (what we say we do for/about customers, quality, globalization etc) with the reality (what we are actually doing) compelling. This is a book for every “thinking” manager.’

Professor CA Carnall, Henley, the Management College


‘Classic is brought up to date – a classic of the genre.’

Times Business Section. 25.6.02


‘It looks set to become the essential business tool for remaining competitive.’

Management Services. July 2002


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