Winning Companies Winning People Reviews

Terry Schurter, CEO Bennu Group

This major new work from the extensive ongoing research program by Colin Coulson-Thomas has something for everyone and a lot of things for most of us.

The drive behind Winning Companies Winning People is to identify the common traits of those who are successful contrasted with the traits of those who are not. Placed a bit uncomfortably in the context of Winners and Losers, Colin challenges each of us to assess ourselves against the results of the research that clearly identifies these two distinct types of people (and businesses) along with the unique traits of each.

I mentioned uncomfortable. Well, sometimes we have to be made to feel uncomfortable for the reality is that even those of us who qualify as ‘Winners’ (and don’t jump to the conclusion that you already fit in that category) will find plenty of ways we can further improve ourselves in the 200+ pages presented here. Professor Coulson-Thomas draws a clear line of demarcation between Winners and Losers, and it is that clarity that makes this book so valuable.

If you’re looking for entertainment, Winning Companies Winning People may not make it onto your reading list but if you are looking to increase your personal success and the success of the business you work for then this is simply put a MUST READ.

From the Board of Directors down (oh and by the way, this should be required reading for everyone serving or wishing to serve on a Board of Directors) Winning Companies Winning People zeros in on the traits of the successful (Winners) and the traits of those mired in self-defeating patterns of behavior (Losers).

Packed from front to back (and I do mean packed) is a wealth of information in respect to all of the major activities every organization engages in. Checklists at the end of each chapter provide readers with the opportunity to ‘test’ their  Winning Behaviors. Trust me; no matter how successful you are there is still plenty of opportunity for improvement!

The biggest challenge readers face with this book is their willingness to do an honest self-assessment and then actually work to adopt those winning ways. But what should we expect? You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink just as Professor Coulson-Thomas leads us to those winning behaviors but he can’t make us adopt them. That is up to each one of us.

I highly recommend this book for everyone and as I mentioned earlier it should be required reading/study for anyone desiring to serve as a member of a Board of Directors. Buy this book as a working resource for improving yourself not for diversion or entertainment. There really are marked differences between Winners and Losers, and this book lays those differences out for all to see.

If you want to be a Winner (or if you are a Winner and want to grow that winning ability) then buy this book. It will be your guide to taking your proper place in the Winners Circle.

Terry Schurter 
CEO Bennu Group

Shirley Roe, Allbooks Review

‘What do the leaders of successful workgroups and companies-or winners-do differently from losers who struggle and fail?’ page 1

Author, Colin Coulson-Thomas has continued his research program for over 20 years. The program examines areas that are critical to competing and winning and determines what boards and management teams need to do or not do-to lead, innovate and win. Over 4000 companies have participated in the research programs led by this author. We therefore must conclude that the author is an expert in his field. The book is well researched, informative, educational and presented in a concise, easy to understand format.

Winning Companies, Winning People is laid out in chapters which inform, provide further information and suggested reading and finally a checklist encouraging the reader to examine the information and ensure his/her complete understanding before venturing on to the next chapter. Chapters such as ‘Leading and Managing Change’ or ‘Going Global’ will be highly beneficial to both large and small companies worldwide. Maximizing the benefits from IT and e-Business will explain how business can use technology to their best advantage and how the ‘winners’ remain open minded and object driven.

Information provided is much too broad to examine in this simple review, however business people from all industries will benefit greatly by picking up a copy of this book. The lessons are diverse and practical and easily assimilated by even a novice business owner. Join the ‘winners’ today. Highly recommended by reviewer: Shirley Roe, Allbooks Review.

Shirley Roe 
Allbooks Review