Has Corporate Governance gone off the rails?

Theme paper for forthcoming global convention challenges contemporary approaches

Boards are missing opportunities to add more value and contribute to the growth and development of businesses as a result of a narrow interpretation of corporate governance, according to Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas, author of Developing Directors and a theme paper for the forthcoming London Global Convention on Governance and Sustainability.

According to Coulson-Thomas, “The focus is upon board structures rather than board behaviours. Successful business development usually depends upon the conduct of boards – how they behave and the decisions they take – rather than a particular board and committee structure. While it may be beneficial to ask whether directors are independent it is vital that they are competent, add value and help a company to remain current and competitive.”

Coulson-Thomas believes “too many boards are looking inwards and are preoccupied with their own arrangements and structures. While challenge can be healthy, it is sometimes negative and inhibiting. Too many non-executive directors are checking up on executive director colleagues rather than supporting them. They need to be more alert to external and marketplace developments and more focused upon achieving profitable and sustainable growth.”

Prof. Coulson-Thomas’ theme paper questions whether current approaches are fit for purpose and worth the attention they are getting, given cost-effective alternatives for changing behaviours, enabling compliance, and delivering other objectives in ways that benefit people, organisations and the environment. The paper is accessible via: www.iodonline.com/images/lgc2013/theme.pdf.

The London Global Convention on Governance and Sustainability is being held from 1st to 4th October, 2013 at the Hotel The Tower. Details of the event and further information as it becomes available can be obtained from www.iodonline.com/london-global-convention/index.htm

Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas, author of Developing Directors, a handbook for building an effective boardroom team, Transforming Knowledge Management, Transforming Public Services, Talent Management 2, Winning Companies; Winning People and an experienced corporate director, audit chair and board chairman, has been the vision holder of successful transformation programmes and has held public sector board appointments at national and local level. He has helped over 100 boards to improve board and corporate performance and is a member of the business school team at the University of Greenwich. He can be contacted via www.coulson-thomas.com and his latest publications can be obtained from www.policypublications.com.


07 Sep 2013
Colin Coulson-Thomas