Influential business expert and author appointed as honorary professor

Authority on creating high performance organisations becomes honorary professor at Aston University

Professor Colin Coulson-Thomas, Chairman of Adaptation and author of Winning Companies, Winning People and more than 70 other books and reports has been appointed an honorary professor of Aston University. He is a leading expert in direction and leadership, competitiveness and corporate governance and transformation. His previous achievements include a portfolio of professorial appointments across the world, advising corporate and public bodies to improve performance, and leading over 20 investigations into high performance organisations.

Professor Coulson-Thomas is an experienced chairman of award-winning companies and vision holder of successful transformation programmes who has travelled the world taking professorial appointments at universities on nearly every continent, advising corporations and public bodies, and speaking at major corporate events and conferences – all in the name of improving the performance of organisations of all kinds. Reports of his investigations are published by Policy Publications.

Coulson-Thomas has served on local, regional and national UK public sector boards, written more than 1,000 articles and more than 70 books and reports, and has led more than 20 investigations to identify the critical success factors for key corporate activities and quicker, more affordable and less disruptive routes to high performance organisations. His current international roles include leading the international governance initiative of the Order of St Lazarus and the post of Director-General, UK and Europe for the Institute of Directors, India.

Professor Colin Coulson-Thomas said: “The University from which one obtains a PhD will always be special, and even more so if it shares one’s engagement with India and one’s commitment to building relationships between India and the UK. I have met Aston alumni in India in senior positions and I look forward to working with the Aston India Foundation for Applied Research to the benefit of both countries.”

The professor regularly speaks at international conferences, congresses, conventions and summits. His recent publications, including Winning Companies; Winning People, Developing Directors, A handbook for building an effective boardroom team, Transforming Knowledge Management, Talent Management 2 and Transforming Public Services and reports on investigations he has led into winning business, building customer relationships, corporate learning, exploiting know-how, pricing and purchasing can be obtained from


10 Feb 2017
Colin Coulson-Thomas